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Product name: Z4 Series DC Motor

Rated power: 1.5kw - 600KW

Rated voltage: 400V, 440V

Rated speed: 180RPM-3000RPM

Protection level: IP21S

Cooling method: IC06

Insulation level: F

Work system: S1

Packing type: Export Wooden Package

Description and application

The Z4 series DC motor(center height: 100mm-450mm)can be used in various industrial departments. Such as rolling mill, metal cutting machine tool, papermaking, dyeing and weaving, printing industry, cement factory, plastic extrusion equipment and so on. They are suitable in areas where wide-range speed adjustment is needed and the overloading capacity does not exceed 1.6 times of rated torque. Upward speed adjustment by constant power weak field method can reach 1.0-3.0 times of rated speed. Downward speed adjustment by constant torque and decreased amature voltage method can reach 20r/min.


Outline and mounting dimensions of the motors comply with IEC72 standard, except for the axial distance between the mounting holes(dimension B).


Performance and technical requirements of the motors can be checked in accordance with IEC34-1 Standard of the International Electro Technical Commission, or DIN57530 Norms of the Deutsche Industries-Norm.


The motors are class F insulated, with reliable insulating construction and impregnating process, ensuring stable dielectric performance and excellent heat dissipation.


The motors possess the features of small size, good performance, light weight, large output, high efficiency and reliability, being able to match the current international advanced level.


The Z4-series DC motors has more advantage than Z2 and Z3 series. It is not only available for DC power-supply set, and more suitable for stationary power supply rectifier.  It have small moment of inertia, preferable dynamic performances, also it can withstand higher load change rate.  It is especially suitable for the control system which needs smooth speed variation, high efficiency, automatic steady speed and reaction sensitivity. It is reach the international advanced level.


The motors can be lastingly operated from fully controlled 3 phase bridge without a smoothing reactor. Motors for 160V may be operated on single-phase bridge thyristor. In that case, a smoothing reactor, whose inductance is specified in the relevant technical data, should be inserted in the armature circuit to suppress ripple current.


Electrical performance

Ratings are applicable to S1 continuous operating under the following conditions:

Altitude above sea level: < 1000m

Temperature of coolant: < 40

Operating according to the technical data sheet.

Insulation Class: F


Z4 series DC electric motor
Power range:1.5kW--600kW

Standard Rated voltage:160V/440V/ etc
Base Speed:3000/1500/1000/750/600/500/400/300/200rmin (9 types)

Exciting method: separated excitation
Nominal Field voltage:180V. Other excitation voltages are also acceptable on request.

According to the general condition and needs of customers, except the above standard specifications, Ot also can be derived for other power, armature voltage and excitation voltage.


2Structure Introduction


1. Mounting and Type of construction

Mounting modes comply with the State Standard GB/T997 stipulated as follows:


1. Protection and Cooling Method.n

The basic cooling method of motor is IC06, It means it have a blower for ventilate, also it can be made for IC17, It means use pipe as the cold air inlet, the air outlet is shutter structure. Also it can be made for IC37, it means the cold air's inlet and outlet both use pipe. And it's have many deriving form, such as self-ventilation, axial flow fan type, enclosed type, air-air cooler type, etc. The request for the air flow, blast pressure, power of the air blower, etc of different frame motor please see technical data sheet 1. The protection degree of whole series Z4 motor reaches IP21S

a. For Z4-100 - Z4-160, The blower is mounted on the non-drive side.

b. For Z4-180 - Z4-450, The blower is mounted on the drive side.

c. The required cooling air volume, air pressure and fan motor capacity are shown below:(Table 1))


*All the ventilating fan motors are three phase, two pole, 380V.

Motors with the following 5 methods of cooling can also be ordered, but prior consultations are needed.

a. Frame size 100 up to 250 may be made into the totally enclosed, frame cooled motor(IC410).

b. Frame size 180 up to 250 may be made into the separately ventilated motor with blower mounted on its non-drive side(IC05).

c. Frame size 100 up to 200 may be made into self-cooled open motor with its own fan mounted on the shaft(IC01).

d. Frame size 160 up to 355 may be made into totally enclosed motor with internal cooling air circulation by independent air-air heat exchanger mounted on it(IC666).

e. Frame size 160 up to 450 may be made into totally enclosed motor with independent air-water heat exchanger mounted on it(IC86W).

From the drive end(Non-commutator position), The standard terminal box is on the right position of the motor frame. For the request by customer, the terminal box can be made on the opposite position. Also the shaft can be made as double shaft end. The rotor shaft's rotation direction is counter clock-wise viewed from the position of commutator. The driving mode is flexible coupling connection, also can be use for the driving mode have certain radial force(such as belt drive or gear drive), It's allowable radial force should not exceed the value of graph.(see attached B)

3. Accessories for electric motor

According to customer's request, the motor can be designed to allocate for tacho generator, pulse generator, centrifugal switch, arrester brake and so on.

Note: the specification, power and weak-magnet speed range is only for reference, For the refresh of new technologies, new materials, the data of the catalog will be changed accordingly.


Order Notice

01.  Pls check our products catalog and confirm the motor type and specification before place order,  and type selection as possible as standard specifications shown in catalog.

For motor  frame size, power, voltage, speed, exciting method, exciting voltage and mounting form, should be mentioned clear in sales contract. Such as Z4-180-31, 37KW, 440V, 1000r/min, separated excitation 180v, horizontal mounting with feet or IMB3. 

02.  Some special requirements such as : double shaft end, terminal box position are mounting in the opposite way, counter clock-wise rotation must be mentioned clearly in the contract.

03. If the customer need type, specification are not list in the catolog, or for other special requirement,  the contract or the pre-production agreement should be signed after both party's discussion and agreement

04. All the motors , Except the shaft extension key, all the accessories are not in the extent of supply, If the accessories or spare parts are requested,  such as the brush, brush holder, etc,  pls note the name, specification and quantities of the accessories in the contract.

05.  For special environment working condition, motor would be used in humid and hot areas,  please label TH in the origin type.

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